Weekly Summary

The three daily creates I did this week were nice, quick, and creative activities that got my mind warmed up for the assignments. See the links below.

Daily Create #1: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-creative-road-block/

Daily Create #2: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-art-is-interesting/

Daily Create #3: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-emoji-book-titles/

Next, I did two 5 star mashup assignments. Both of these assignments were extremel fun and creative. I have never done an activity with programs I used for them.

Mashup Assignment #1: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/funny-drunk-story-through-text/

Mashup Assignment #2: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/animoji-karaoke/

Also, I did to remix assignments from previous assignments I have completed. It was fun revisiting and changing some old assignments.

Remix Assignment #1: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/collage-remix/

Remix Assignment #2: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/my-dream-80s-bedroom-pink/

The last large assignment I did was create a tutorial for the sports poster project I completed a while ago.

Tutorial Assignment: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/poster-tutorial/

Finally, I chose three assignments I liked from classmates this week and put into the form. Also, I commented on Carly’s tutorial post. She did a good job with teaching the topic.

Overall, it was a good week and I was glad I was able to do all the assignments for this week. It was fun and relaxing!

Poster Tutorial

Visual Assignment: Sports Poster

Stars: 2.5

I created this poster through Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle. This is a free program I have access to through my mac.

First, select images you would like to use and save them to a folder on your computer.

Second, once you have all the images open up Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle. Imported the images by going to file at the top left corner of your screen and going down to import. You can arrange the images however you would like till you have a final product.

Finally, when you are done with your final product you will want to save as a jpg.

Please see attached image of the screenshot of my project. It will show you the many options you have through this program.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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My Dream 80s Bedroom – PINK!

I remixed my previous assignment my dream 80s Bedroom. The remix told me to make it more pink. Please see my original written assignment below, but edited.

My dream 80s bedroom includes bright pink color schemes, wallpaper borders, window seat, window curtains, carpets, my favorite 80s band posters, and of course my nice, comfy bed. Everything has to be in pink!

First, the wall will be a light pink color because of how popular that color scheme was in the 80s. It will have a pink cream color wallpaper border to add detail. Next, all over the peach colored walls will be posters of my favorite 80s bands. These posters will be bordered in pink frames. Also, I will have a nice window overlooking my backyard with a window seat. On this window will be some brightly colored pink curtains that goes with the rest of the color scheme. Next, I will have a couple of brightly colored pink carpets to add to the comfort of the room. Lastly, I will have my comfy bed and my desk for socializing with my friends and working hard. Overall, the whole color scheme will be different shades and textures of pink! See the attached photos from the original assignment.

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Collage Remix

I took my previous project and remixed it! It was originally the collage of my dog chloe. I noticed she was wearing a read collar in all the pictures. Since the remix told me to create an advertisement, I created an advertisement for red dog collars. I have three phrases/slogans within the collage. I continued to edit the file in Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle.

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Animoji Karaoke

I created an animoji karaoke on my iPhone. I chose the tiger because I liked it the most. Also, the tiger’s face is rounded and color yellow. This matches me the most since I have a rounded face and blonde hair. The song I chose to sing along to was That’s Christmas To Me by Pentatonix. The Pentatonix is my favorite band and I am starting to get in the Christmas mood.

Through this mashup I was able to incorporate audio, visual, and written story. It was a fun and creative activity.

#MashupAssignments #MashupAssignments2389

Weekly Summary

The three daily creates I did this week were nice, quick, and creative activities that got my mind warmed up for the assignments. See the links below.

Daily Create #1: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-object-tessellation/

Daily Create #2: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-misleading-sign/

Daily Create #3: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-meaningful-object/

Also, I was able to think about more ideas for my final project. See below link.

Project Ideas Part 2: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/project-ideas-part-2/

Lastly, I commented on Michael’s blog post Hellraiser under the sea.